This is Part III of Evelyn Nesbit’s story. (Read Part I and Part II.) Evelyn Nesbit married Harry Kendall Thaw at age 20, 18 months after she accused him of beating and raping her, while holding her prisoner for weeks in an Austrian castle. At 17, Evelyn underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis. That was the official […]

This is part 2 of Evelyn Nesbit’s story. Read Part 1 here! Thanks to her success as a Floradora girl, Evelyn Nesbit was offered a one-year contract to perform in The Wild Rose. And instead of being in a group of chorus girls, Evelyn was given a real role. All New York was in love with her beauty. Her acting, […]

Florence Evelyn Nesbit was born on Christmas day in 1884, to Winfield and Evelyn Nesbit. At the time, the couple resided in Tarentum, Pennsylvania. Evelyn was their first child, and two years later a son followed, whom they named Howard. Winfield Scott Nesbit was a likable, unsuccessful man. He was educated and made a living as […]