A century ago tonight, Grigori Rasputin became the victim of an elaborate and murderous plot. That evening, the controversial Siberian monk was lured to the palatial home of Prince Felix Yusupov for a private party. There he happily ate cakes laced with enough cyanide to kill ten men, and guzzled the wine – also poisoned – brought […]

By the end of 1916, the extended Romanov family was desperate. Someone had to put a stop to Rasputin. For some reason, the tsar and tsarina appeared to be completely bamboozled by this drunken, filthy man who took bribes and sold government appointments. Perhaps Rasputin sensed he had gone too far. He sent this prophetic letter […]

Over time, Rasputin became more and more necessary to the Romanovs, at least in Alexandra’s opinion. The monk gradually became a fixture in the palace. He was given unrestrained access to the palace and was casually familiar with the family. Despite the rumors and substantiated stories, nothing could harm him with the Romanovs.   People […]