Grievous Deeds Discussion

Warning: Spoilers Included

This is the forum for people who have read Grievous Deeds to share their thoughts and theories about the book.

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I’d love to hear any thoughts you’d like to share about Grievous Deeds, or feel free to weigh in on any of these controversial questions:

  • Ed Johnson’s story
    • Did Will Hixson really see Ed Johnson at the depot, or did he make up the story for the reward money?
    • Was Captain Shipp lying when he said he didn’t expect a mob at the jail on the night of the lynching? Or if not, why did he go to such extreme measures to save Ed Johnson’s life in January and then be careless with his safety in March?
    • People in Chattanooga were horrified by the lynching. Why didn’t anyone stop it?
    • What role did the media play in the lynching?
    • Has the media changed in any significant way since 1906?
  • Ed Turner’s story
    • Why did Ed Turner kill his wife?
    • If he had managed to beat the charges, would Turner have committed more violent acts?
    • Why didn’t Captain Shipp send his deputies looking for Ed Turner instead of employing an inmate to do it for him?
  • Lillie Turner’s story
  • Dave Edwards’ story
    • Why did Dave kill his supervisor that he thought of as a friend?
    • Should Dave have been kept in jail after he murdered Sam Brooks?
    • Why did Dave resist any effort to defend him or appeal his case?
    • Was Dave responsible for his crimes? Why or why not?
    • What was the root cause of Dave’s troubles?
  • Captain Shipp’s case
    • What role did the interview Capt. Shipp gave to the Birmingham Age-Herald play in his conviction?
    • Did the dissenting justices have a good point?
    • Was his conviction just?
    • Was his punishment just?

All civil and thoughtful comments are welcome!