Recently, I came across a coded message in the March 28, 1905 issue of The Evening World:

The evening world., March 28, 1905


What is this? A clue to an elopement?

If it is a message between sweethearts, one wonders who would welcome “GIMP” as a term of endearment!

There could be other explanations. For instance, what if criminals used the personals ads as a means to convey plans to one another?

David is a great guy who also happens to be the owner of a beautiful old Victorian home and the boyfriend of my lovely friend Natasha.

While renovating his home, he found some newspaper stuffed in the wall that had been used for insulation. The story features a mob that tried to lynch a man. There are some classified ads on the opposite side of the paper.

Mob Wanted
Main story



Classified ads


Check out these rents!