This is the second type of cigarette ads I’ve discovered.  The Smart Set can have their frou-frou cigarettes, but these cigarettes are for the working people!

Interestingly, some of them seem targeted for a much younger audience. The first three ads are courtesy Phillip Morris, including the comic strip, which is an elaborate choice for an ad. After that, you’ll see a selection of the finest tobacco available.

This post brings you some bold marketing slogans, too, like “Not a Cough in a Carload!” and some other great ones.

Let me know which cigarette you would buy based on these ads in the poll or the comments! 

1948 Phillip Morris ad


1948 Phillip Morris ad. “Definitely less irritating” is an interesting marketing angle!


1948 ad seems to be targeted for children and teenagers


1913 ad – Zira is for hard workers!


1928 ad for the secretaries


1921 Camel ad – the cigarettes look like clothes-pins here


1914 Gail & Ax cigarettes… this looks super dangerous


1930 ad for Old Gold – Love, Every Smoker


1941 Marvels ad – for those who find pleasure in savings




As I’m finishing this third book, I’ve been looking in the newspapers archives a lot, and I was a little surprised to find how cigarettes were marketed as far back as the 1910s. It was pretty targeted.  So far I’ve identified three distinct types:

  • Cigarettes that appeal to the Smart Set
  • Cigarettes that appeal to the Everyman (or Everywoman)
  • Cigarettes that replace food or equate to food

I give you cigarettes for the Smart Set!

Choose the cigarette you’d buy in the poll at the end of this post!

1923 ad – You’d like to be swell like this guy, would you?


1915 ad – These guys remind me of people on their smart phones


1937 ad featuring minor celebrities


1914 ad wholesome cigarettes for the distinctive individual


1937 Old Gold ad