This is Part 3 of Death in Knoxville. Need to catch up?

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After killing Minnie, Peter fled to Middlesboro, Kentucky. He came home after only a week, and was immediately approached by Deputy Sheriff Singleton.

At first, he denied that he was Peter Turner. The policeman shook his head. He had known Turner for years, he said. What was the point of lying about it?

Turner, hopeless, admitted his identity. He handed over his pistol; a long, handwritten statement about his relations with Mrs. Scott; a similar statement in the deceased woman’s handwriting, as well as a complete confession of the crime.

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I was hoping to write my next book about this very interesting story from Knoxville, Tennessee, circa 1907. It was a controversial case when it happened, even amongst the friends and family of the people involved in the case.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough information available for a full book. I found a few photographs from the time and place, and a few headlines, but none of the key people in the story.

But something about the story stuck with me so I wrote about it. It’s too much for one post, so I’ll release it as a serial over the next several days. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the story, if you’d like to comment!

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