There’s Something About Rasputin

Remember to raise a toast to Grigory Rasputin, the mysterious Siberian monk. Today is the 106th anniversary of his murder…all five of them!

Rasputin called himself a monk and a holy man, but there are people who believe he was actually possessed by some evil spirit.

One of the most remarkable about him was the power he wielded over nearly everyone. His connection with Romanovs was very useful in this way, but even before he knew them, he was able to control people. How he did it–that is the question. He was a peasant, he had no political power or money, but people felt compelled to do as he wished. Whatever that ability was also made him irresistible to all women, regardless of class.

Rasputin surrounded by admirers


Many people credit his hypnotic gaze, and his ability to dilate his pupils at will. Rasputin would likely credit his connection to God. Was it either of these things? There must have been something about Rasputin. Do you have a theory?

On a related note the second episode of The Romanovs, Rasputin, and the Collapse of a 300-Year Dynasty is available today!