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My name is Kimberly and I’m a non-fiction author and career coach. I’m also the co-founder of Pivot Discovery Career Services. I love being a coach and helping people create their ideal career, but writing has always been my favorite thing to do. I created this website in July 2013.

Old Spirituals covers a lot of true crime stories. The people I write about on this site are a mixture of well-known people, like Evelyn Nesbit, Mata Hari, and the Romanovs, and obscure ones, like Charlie Hall and Margaret Rowan. I prefer writing about stories that were popular when they happened (so there’s a lot of source material), but have been forgotten. I like researching the stories which is a little harder when the case is not famous, but that makes the research more fun.

My first book, The Poisoned Glass, is the true story of the murder of Jennie Bosschieter, a 17-year-old “mill girl” in Paterson, New Jersey. The Poisoned Glass was released in August of 2019. The Poisoned Glass was an Amazon category #1 best seller in multiple categories, including True Crime and American history.

My second book, Cold Heart, was released December 3, 2020. Though it is another true crime story that took place about three years after that of Jennie Bosschieter, the two stories have very little in common. Cold Heart is about the unsolved murder of wealthy Buffalo resident Ed Burdick in Buffalo, NY in 1903.

Cold Heart was an Amazon category #1 best seller in True Crime and American history.

Have a question or comment about Old Spirituals or my books? You can reach me at Kimberly@OldSpirituals.com