“Has It Come to This?” Book Release is Today!

Has it Come to This? is available today! This true crime took place in the small town of Savannah, Missouri in 1900.

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Frank Richardson’s alcoholism had very nearly ruined his life. He hit rock bottom in the autumn of 1900, and not until he was about to lose everything he loved in life, did he decide to change. He put his whole heart and soul into winning back the love of his wife and children, getting his business back on track, and mending fences. With his wayward past behind him, Frank was determined to make the most of the second chance he had been given.

Frank Richardson

It all came to an end on Christmas Eve. Frank was in his store that evening when he became mysteriously upset and rushed home.  He rushed inside his dark home and seconds later, a gunshot ended his life.

The killer vanished and an investigation was launched, dragging out every shameful secret in Frank’s life and exposing it to the world and scandalizing the small town of Savannah, Missouri. Clues were few but the strongest and strangest evidence were Frank’s last words, uttered the second before he was murdered: “Has it come to this?”  

Suspicion fell at once on Frank’s former paramour, Goldie Whitehead; his charming wife, Addie; and Stewart Fife, the suave young clerk of whom Frank was known to be insanely jealous. Who got away with murder?

Has it Come to This? is available today! Find it on Amazon

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