The Fascinating Life Immortal Evatima Tardo

Evatima Tardo’s remarkable life lasted 34 years. In just over three decades, she was a: Phenomena to the medical community Mother Muse to Houdini Vaudeville star Murder victim Much of Evatima’s personal life is still a mystery. She was born Eva Kennedy in 1871, and spent the first few years of her life in Cuba. At age four, […]

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Murder victim nell cropsey

The Mystery of Nell Cropsey, Part II

This is the conclusion of a 2-part post about Nell Cropsey. To read Part I, click here!  November 21, 1901. A search for Nell was launched the morning after she disappeared. Initially, the town speculated that Nell and Jim had eloped, but this theory was quickly disproven when the police interviewed the young man at his parents’ […]

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The Burdick Scandal – Part XV

Wednesday, April 1, 1903 was a cold, rainy day. Inside the courthouse, Justice Murphy cleared his throat before reading his verdict. Edwin Burdick came to his death through several blows delivered by a dull-edged weapon, delivered with “homicidal intent”, Justice Murphy said. Although the murderer was no stranger, he said, it was not a woman. A […]

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