Handwriting is, by definition, personal. Today, getting a handwritten letter is exciting! Someone put a lot of effort into communicating with you.

Letter-writing between Victorians was common. They were reserved people who appreciated subtlety. When they alluded to personal circumstances, it was typically in a veiled way.

The letters exchanged between Ed and Alice Burdick were an exception in every way.

Alice and Ed Burdick


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Now, on to today’s post!

This remarkable photo from 1917 has a wonderful back story.

1917 Independence Day Celebration in Paris. (LOC)

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“Mysterious disappearances don’t occur,” William J. Burns, the head of the William J. Burns National Detective Agency, said flatly. He was talking to a reporter from The Houston Post, who was interviewing him for the December 22 edition of the paper.

Burns was a famed detective in his day. Prior to opening his own agency, he was a well-known detective with the United States Secret Service.

William J. Burns

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