Photos of the Romanovs and Rasputin

This page is a supplement to my story The Romanovs, Rasputin, & the Collapse of a 300-year Dynasty on Kindle Vella.

The platform isn’t equipped to allow images but, in this case, the photos add a lot!  So all the photos I planned to use with the story are now here on this page.

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Tsar Alexander III. His son Nicholas is standing directly behind him


The Great Imperial Crown (1896)


The Tsar and Tsarina at the Romanov's 1903 ball

The Tsar and Tsarina at the Romanov’s 1903 ball


1903 ball

Attendees of a Romanov Costume Ball, circa 1903


Nicholas, Alexei, and Tatiana




Alexandra Rasputin and the children. The governess is seated on the bottom right.


Royal Russians

The Romanov family

tsar nicholas II and Romanov children

tsar nicholas II and his five children


Rasputin as priest


Rasputin 1914 bedroom

Rasputin in 1914


Rasputin fan club

A few of Rasputin’s admirers. His daughter is at the head of the table in the sailor top.



Rasputin surrounded by admirers


Anastasia, Olga, Nicholas, Alexei, Tatiana, and Maria with Cossack soldiers


Rasputin eyes

Rasputin’s body, with bullet hole in forehead


Tsar Nicholas (left) and first cousin King George V


Nicholas’ abdication


Vladimir Lenin hated the Romanovs


This is said to be the last photograph of Tsar Nicholas


The cellar where the Romanovs were executed