These mugshots are so good looking, it ought to be against the law!

Recognize him?


Karl Evans of Seattle, Washington, was arrested in Grand Rapids August 18, 1912 for larceny



William Barnes 5’4, age 23. Pickpocket. March 1912

George Coulson looks surprisingly similar to Matt Damon


Claude Coleman, a singer from NYC, was arrested in New Orleans in Nov 1915 for being a suspicious person


James Lowrie. 5’5 brown hair blue eyes.
Tattoo dots web left hand. Expert pickpocket. Associates with all classes of pickpockets Aliases: Johnstone; Sunderland Kid


Roy Crooks


John Dodgson Larceny and False Pretenses, A general thief and bad character Works alone. Extensively tattooed forearms and hands


Adolph Hellquist, 28 yrs, was a waiter in New Orleans in Sept 1912 when he was arrested for being a suspicious person. Record notes he has a tattoo of a naked woman on his right forearm!

Thomas Orange, Labourer. Shop and warehouse breaker who forces lock or uses duplicate key


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