The Fascinating Life Immortal Evatima Tardo

Evatima Tardo’s remarkable life lasted 34 years. In just over three decades, she was a: Phenomena to the medical community Mother Muse to Houdini Vaudeville star Murder victim Much of Evatima’s personal life is still a mystery. She was born Eva Kennedy in 1871, and spent the first few years of her life in Cuba. At age four, … More The Fascinating Life Immortal Evatima Tardo

The Near-Assassination of Theodore Roosevelt

Eight Republican candidates debated Tuesday evening at the historic Milwaukee Theatre. The venue choice is an interesting one for the Republican party: 103 years ago, popular Republican president Theodore Roosevelt was nearly assassinated minutes before his scheduled speech at the same venue. The would-be assassin was 36-year-old Bavarian immigrant named John Schrank. But who was he, and why did … More The Near-Assassination of Theodore Roosevelt