Grievous Deeds Giveaway Begins Saturday and more Big News!

Thank you all for the well wishes regarding Grievous Deeds! Today, I have two exciting updates to share.

First, if you haven’t read Has it Come to This? and you like a good mystery, the Kindle copy is 50% off for two more days.I read the book reviews for all of my books. I love hearing what people think of the stories, good or bad! Amazon reviews have the biggest impact but don’t allow me to respond. Please know I greatly appreciate every review! Here is an international review of Has It Come to This? and the book’s most recent U.S. review:


Big News Part 1: Exclusive Look at the Back of the Book

I want Old Spirituals readers to be the first to see the back of the book synopsis. As you’ll see, this book is definitely a new area for me. It’s still turn of the century true crime, but rather than focusing on a single crime, Grievous Deeds is a bigger story that deals with themes like injustice (segregation, false accusations, and lynching), corruption, and mental illness.



Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1906. When a young white woman is assaulted in a dark cemetery, the town erupts. Despite a lack of solid evidence and a flawed trial, a black man named Ed Johnson is convicted of the crime and sentenced to death. Before he can be executed, the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes. Despite their order, a bloodthirsty mob attacks the county jail, and lynches Johnson. The infuriated high court is determined Ed Johnson’s murder will not go unpunished, and they charge Joseph Shipp, the county sheriff, with contempt.

Desperate to save his political career and fearful of the reckoning he faces, the ambitious sheriff deteriorates under the strain of the case against him. After failing to solve another shocking crime, Shipp does the unthinkable. He gambles on the ability of Dave Edwards, a notoriously violent inmate in his jail, to solve the high-profile cold case. Despite a pending trial for first-degree murder, the sheriff releases Edwards. It’s not long until Dave’s madness manifests itself, with dreadful consequences.


Big News Part 2: Giveaway Drawings Begin this Saturday

In the time leading up to the release date, my publisher, Black Rose Writing, is generously sponsoring five drawings on Old Spirituals leading up to the March 30, 2023 release date. The winner of each drawing will receive a signed copy of Grievous Deeds! The first drawing begins this Saturday (October 1) and you can enter throughout the month. Read on to find out more!

How do I enter the drawing?  I’ll write a post for each drawing that includes a link to a secure form. To enter the drawing, click the link, answer the questions, and press Submit. That’s it!

Will my name and email address be visible to others? Will my information be sold? No. I’m the only person who can see your responses, and I’ll only use your email to notify you if you win the drawing.

What are the questions and why are you asking? The questions are about your reading preferences. This helps me get to know you better and understand what you like, and you have a chance to win a signed book!

Can I enter all five drawings? Yes!

I’m outside the United States. Can I still enter the drawing? Unfortunately, I can only ship books to the winners within the U.S. However, I welcome you to answer the questions and share your opinions! I’d love to hear from you.

How and when will I receive the book if I win? If you are the winner, I’ll notify you via email and request a U.S. mailing address to send the book. I’ll send out the winners’ copies in late March or early April.