Cold Heart’s Rock Star Moment

I’m so excited to share this with you, Old Spirituals friends!

I write about crimes that occurred at the turn of the century. There was no advanced technology and even crime scene photographs were a rarity. When mysterious crimes were solved, it was always because of the detectives’ ingenuity.

That must be why I like to listen to detectives talking about their techniques. It helps me think through these old crimes. One detective I really like is Kenneth Mains. Detective Mains has a show called Unsolved No More, where he talks about different cases (some famous, some not). He breaks them down and talks about what he notices and why, and how he assesses crime scenes and witnesses. The first episode I ever watched was about Darlie Routier, the Texas woman on death row for murdering two of her sons. It was fascinating!

After I discovered his show, I really wondered what Detective Mains would think about Ed Burdick’s case and the perplexing crime scene…that case has never left my mind. I wondered so much that I overcame my shyness and sent him a copy of Cold Heart. Even though he probably gets inundated with messages and books, he sent back a really kind thank you message.

And today, I turned on his show to get caught up on the new episodes and look! Detective Mains held up the book at the beginning of his show and thanked me for sending it. This was definitely Cold Heart’s rock star moment!


If you haven’t checked out Unsolved No More, I highly recommend it. Here are my three favorite episodes in order:

  1. Delphi Murders
  2. Darlie Routier
  3. Girl Scout Murders


A little news…

If you’re in Austin on November 5, come by and say hi. I’ll be signing books at the Texas Book Festival at the Capitol Grounds. I’ll be at the Black Rose Writing booth with my best friend and best-selling author Kristin Sherry!


My fourth book, Grievous Deeds, will be out March 30! If you haven’t yet entered the drawing to win a signed copy, make sure you enter!

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