The Highs and Lows of Fashion, circa 1910

S0me of the best things about the turn of the century are the lovely clothes and hats and jewelry.

San Francisco held a fashion show in 1911 to showcase the upcoming spring fashions.

The San Francisco call., February 19, 1911

Or check out these ads circa 1910 and 1913, respectively. I love the girl’s hair on the left, in the first ad! Her friend’s hat… less so.

New-York tribune., November 24, 1910

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 10.35.50 PM

Here’s another fashion show, this one is in Arizona, and features an illustrated female with an odd, Disney-character-shaped eyes.

Arizona republican., March 13, 1911

Or check out this 1909 illustration. Apparently, the right clothes will transform you into an Alphonse Mucha painting! Where do I sign up?

October 03, 1909

Next up, it’s an ad for that awesome hairstyle again! How do I learn how to do my hair like that? Seriously. And why is the girl on the right sporting an early Princess Leia?

august 1912

Incidentally, do you know who Billie Burke is – the woman the picture references? None other than Glinda the Good Witch.

Burke was 55 when she starred in the Wizard of Oz as Glinda the Good Witch

Burke was 55 when she starred in The Wizard of Oz as Glinda the Good Witch.
We should probably listen to everything she has to say carefully.

That is not to say there were never any duds. August 1912 was a low point for this model, although the little bow-tie really pulls her whole ensemble together. This terrible outfit is actually pretty funny, especially when you read the ad beneath it. Beau-catcher?

August 1912

And hey, look. Women and editors took fashion very seriously back then. This poor woman was selected as the model with a figure “that has lost is slender lines”. As if that wasn’t enough to scar her, the article goes on to recommend this atrocious get-up as a means of hiding her hideous, hideous figure. Ouch!

nov 1915 - ouch