“The Romanovs, Rasputin, and the Collapse of a 300-Year Dynasty” Kindle Vella Series is Complete!

The final episode of The Romanovs, Rasputin, and the Collapse of a 300-Year Dynasty is out today!

In Ep. 9, we discover what became of the Romanov family—a mystery that endured for nearly 100 years—and reconsider Rasputin’s awful prophecy. It’ll give you chills! Remember to pick up your free tokens so you can read all the episodes for free. If you enjoyed the series, please do give the episodes a thumbs up and give the story a 5-star review. It makes a big difference!

I’m hoping Kindle Vella will be a way to reach new readers who will be interested in my books. I would love to be a successful full-time writer. I really enjoy coaching too, so I wouldn’t want to give it up but it would be something to be able to make a living writing and devote as much time as I want to it. A big, big thank you to everyone who has read the series, left a thumbs up, and rated and reviewed the story! It really does help me move closer to that goal and I appreciate your support so much!

Quick heads up that Drawing #4 (of 5) to win a signed copy of Grievous Deeds begins next Sunday!

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