The Revenge and Redemption of Vido Opusich, Part III

Read Part I and Part II first!

Vido Opusich was tried in Judge Lawlor’s court in March 1901. He pleaded Not Guilty, by reason of insanity and self-defense.

The San Francisco Examiner wrote skeptically,Opusich, who claims to be only 21, but appears to be older, shot and killed John Petrovich, an old man, in the Dalmatia saloon, on Pacific and Stockton streets, on June 10, 1900… The jury considered the case for six hours. Ten jurors wanted to return a verdict of murder in the first degree, but the remaining two jurors held out for a verdict of second degree, which was finally agreed upon.”

Vido Opusich mugshot. The warden misspelled his last name. The scar left by John Petrovich is visible over his left eye.

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