Time Traveling on a Sunday

I’m supposed to be hard at work on a late round of edits for my new book, Grievous Deeds, but my thoughts keep turning back to Old Spirituals, so I thought I’d post something to say hello and share some fun.

One thing that always surprises me when I look at old pictures is how varied the world was in 1900. I think the Internet and immigration has increased our similarities to one another, but traveling out of state or out of the country in 1900 was a different matter. You would see places and people and things that were so foreign to anything you’d ever known, it was almost like visiting another planet.

I found a bunch of pictures from the same era, but in different parts of the world. If you were going to time travel back to 1900, which world would you pick to explore? Take a look, and if you like, Joséphine Baker will serenade you as you explore!

If you’d like to share your destination and why you chose it, please do in the comments! If it’s the first time you comment, your comment will be approved before it appears.

Happy Sunday!


The World’s Fair in Paris


New York City


Argentine Republic (LOC)


Florala, Alabama


St. Petersburg, Russia


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Bilbao, Spain


Baroda India


Chinatown, San Francisco