Foolishly Forgotten Style

Have you ever thrown something away that you should have kept forever? That happens in life and modern culture a lot. There are a lot of really cool things that have been lost to time, even though we never meant to let it go.

Some things are too great to let them stay lost. I suggest making a concerted effort to bring back these things:


Sullivan Ballou's last letter to his wife Sarah

I’m basing this one on a rumor I heard that people are typing love letters. Nothing says romance like Microsoft Word, apparently. Take a cue from Sullivan Ballou. Now there was a man who knew how to write a love letter.


Gibson Girl

The Gibson Girl was wonderful. She had great hair, she had style. And it works for everybody. Her look was achievable by the average woman, yet she was extraordinarily beautiful. Marketing people should like her, since she’s pretty versatile. She could model work clothes or evening gowns. And she wasn’t skanky, which goes a long way.


Nothing says “I’m the boss” like a top hat.

JP Morgan in tophat

In his own way, J.P. Morgan is rocking as much style as the Gibson Girl. This is one of the only fashion-related areas that men have all to themselves.

What do you think J.P. and the porter in this picture were talking about? Perhaps debating the merits of the monocle?


1931 Cord L29 Cabriolet

Here’s the thing about a car like this: You don’t have to be Jay Gatsby. It could make anyone look good.



Okay, who would not want to bring back Victrolas? Everything about them is so fantastic. They are structurally beautiful, and combine functionality and decor in one incredible package.

There are other people who have had this idea and actually created the iVictrola. The iVictrola is a fusion of Apple technology and the beauty of a simpler time into a blend of the best of the 20th and 21st centuries.


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