A Few Curiosities, of the Photographic Variety

As few interesting photos to peruse and enjoy on a Sunday afternoon (or whenever you should take the notion).

Statue of Liberty under construction in France

Jean Harlow, glamorous early starlet. Born in 1911.
This is one of her baby pictures, taken around 1915


Hot air balloon races at the 1900 Paris World Fair. These events took place in Vincennes, in the outskirts of Paris. There was an altitude contest which was won by Mr. Balsan – who reached an altitude of 8,357 meters in his hot air balloon. The same Mr. Balsan became famous for winning a contest involving both distance and duration; it took him 35 hours to reach Russia. Courtesy Library of Congress

Unicorn drops – good for what ails you!
Library of Congress


Matilde Moisant (left) poses with Harriet Quimby (right). Both are wearing long dresses and hats, Quimby is holding a dark umbrella, Moisant a purse and striped umbrella. Circa 1911-1912…Credit: Underwood & Underwood (credit: Smithsonian Institution)


Paul Cézanne’s Pierrot and Harlequin


Hampstead Heath, photographed by Paul Martin. A man drinks by a stall, while the vendor looks on. The sign for oysters reads ‘A’int they grand?’ Paul Martin was one of the first photographers to take candid photos of people doing ordinary things



Tsarevich Alexei Romanov. Possibly the most angelic looking child ever.


Loie Fuller Dancing, by Samuel Joshua Beckett, ca. 1900


1906 White House employees. Would they recognize today’s West Wing?



Turn of the century actress Maude Adams (1872 – 1953)



SI Neg. 2002-23708. Date: na...Full length view of the Wright brothers standing in a field; Wilbur is at left, Orville at right, wearing overcoat. Both are wearing derby type hats. Photo taken either January or April 1909 in either Rome, Italy, or Pau, France, during their European tour...Credit: Unknown. (Smithsonian Institution)

Wilbur (L) and Orville Wright wearing bowler hats in early 1909, in Italy or France  Smithsonian Institution

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