Most Notorious Episode about The Poisoned Glass is now available!

The very wonderful Erik Rivenes interviewed me about The Poisoned Glass for his Most Notorious podcast and the episode was released this evening.

I’ve never been on a podcast and I’m a big fan of Most Notorious, so as you can imagine, this was both exciting and intimidating. You can check out the episode here. I highly recommend subscribing to the Most Notorious podcast, too! 

Need to pick up a copy of the book? Click here to get The Poisoned Glass on Amazon!




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  1. Thank you for writing this book! Jennie is my great great Aunt and I’ve heard stories about her but never researched it like you have. You say at the end of the book that not much is known about her family. We could fill you in, at least on her descendants, if you’re interested. I grew up in Bergen County and some know the areas well, especially Goffle road and Goffle Brook.


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