The Poisoned Glass: eBook Giveaway !

Very excited to share that GoodReads is going to host an eBook giveaway contest of my first book, The Poisoned Glass.

Before I give you the details, I want to thank everyone who has written a review for the book. It’s hard to overestimate how important Amazon reviews are to a book’s success. I really appreciate all the positive comments and 5-star ratings! Check out the Amazon ratings and comments here.


Details of the GoodReads eBook giveaway

GoodReads is running a promotional giveaway of the eBook, beginning today! The contest runs from March 01 – March 30. After the contest ends, winners will receive their copies.

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The Poisoned Glass is non-fiction.

At the dawn of the 20th century, the social unrest in Paterson, New Jersey was palpable. Thousands of Dutch and Italian immigrants flocked to the city, hoping for a job in Paterson’s famous silk mills. The burgeoning population ushered women into the workplace, grew suffragist sympathies, and produced an anarchist movement.

In this charged environment, Jennie Bosschieter, a 17-year-old Dutch immigrant and mill worker, was murdered. Sorrow turned to shock when four wealthy, influential citizens were accused of killing her. The resulting criminal trial held the city – and eventually the nation – transfixed.

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