Arnold Genthe’s Red-Haired Women

I came across several photos by Arnold Genthe this week. I’ve written about Genthe and his photography before, so if you’re interested in his background, there’s more information in Through an Autochrome Eye and A Few More Favorites from Arnold Genthe.

One thing I didn’t know about him is that he apparently appreciated redheads! He took some beautiful autochrome pictures that I’d like to share with you.

I’m not sure if this first woman is wearing glasses because of the way this photo has been damaged, but it’s possible. Even with the cracking, it’s a lovely photograph. I appreciate the blurring.

Head and shoulders of a woman with long red hair by Arnold Genthe (1906) LOC.


This one is particularly interesting because this woman appears to be wearing Victorian clothing and the pose is also definitely of the time. However, keeping this woman’s hair loose, especially with the autochrome color really stands out against other pictures from this time.

Woman with long red hair wearing dark clothing by Arnold Genthe (1906) LOC.


Woman with long red hair holding a vase by Arnold Genthe (1906) LOC


Head and shoulders of a redheaded woman by Arnold Genthe (1906) LOC


These last two photos are particularly ghostly and ethereal.

Red-haired woman wearing a blue or green hood by Arnold Genthe (1906) LOC


Woman with red hair wearing a blue robe or gown by Arnold Genthe (1906) LOC


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