Book Release, First Reviews, and Amazon Rankings, oh my!

I’m so excited to share that Cold Heart is now available on Amazon! Over the weekend, there was an issue with the Kindle eBook but it’s all resolved now. And I’ve got great news!

I’ve been so curious to see the reaction to the book. When you spend a long time working on a book, no one else really sees it for a year or more. When it finally comes out, it’s fascinating to hear what people say about it. So far, it’s gotten four reviews–I love all of them!

Amazon New Release ratings are usually category-specific. So, for instance, you could have the #1 new book in Caribbean Cuisine or Self-Help Grieving. A new book is listed in several categories, and within that category, you get ranked. A high ranking matters because it means because more people will see your book. And you can gain some early street cred. That’s great news because Cold Heart is the #1 new release in turn of the nineteenth century US history! It’s #35 in True Crime too. So far, it’s ranking in the US only, but hopefully people in other parts of the world will check it out too.

Want to check it out? Here’s a direct link to the Amazon page! Please do leave a review if you read Cold Heart, I read all of them and really value what you tell me.

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