To Every Culture Across the Great Big World, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Old Spirituals readers!

These are just a few photographs from different cultures celebrating a New Year, all courtesy of Library of Congress. Happy 2022!

And if you care for a little mood music, while you peruse, click here for a 1918 rendition of Auld Lang Syne!

New Years Greeting, Chinatown 1912


Pilgrims in India in 1900


Jews praying in New York City in 1900


Baron and Baroness de Cartier de Marchienne, the Belgian Amb. and his wife at the New Years reception at Pan Amer. Bldg. 1922


O’Fuko throwing beans for good luck and to drive the girls away on New Years Eve 1905


Jews praying on Brooklyn Bridge 1909


New Years, Chinatown 1900


Gypsy woman putting on a paper cap on New Years’ Eve in an Italian restaurant on Mulberry Street, NYC


May 2022 bring you all the joy and fortune you can manage, and then some.

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