Scenes from a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, circa 1913

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 109 years ago. This photo was taken at W. 53rd Street (in New York City, I believe).

St. Patrick’s Day Parade circa 1910-1915 (LOC)


I like this picture! You can zoom in on the individuals and see details about the people, how they were dressed, the facial expressions, and what they were doing.

A detail of the picture caught my eye. Two men are walking straight ahead. If you look near the upper right corner in this detail, there’s a white guy walking, with his shoulders thrown back, looking straight ahead, as though the parade wasn’t even there. He’s dressed really nicely and wearing a long overcoat.

A baby carriage is in front of him, and it looks like the baby is asleep inside.  A woman in an elaborate dark hat with white flowers, who I take to be the mother, is standing beside the carriage.

Near the bottom of the picture, a few paces ahead of the first guy, you can see a black man walking in a similar way. He’s closer to the camera so you can’t see his whole outfit, but he’s dressed up (you can see his suit and tie) and his hat is perched on his head in a jaunty way.

Detail: St. Patrick’s Day Parade


The luck of the Irish be with you today, friends!

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