Mugshot March: The Mob!

The Mob. The Mafia. Nostra Cosa. I’ll admit that everything I know about the mob is straight from Goodfellas. But whatever else you say about them, you’ve got to admit these guys knew how to take a good mugshot. I think men should be required to dress like this.

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Umberto “Albert” Anastasia


Mickey Cohen demonstrating an early Blue Steel


Black Handers of the early 1910s


Al Capone



Charles “Lucky” Luciano


Members of the Cleveland mob


Vito Genovese young


Vito Genovese was once Luciano’s underboss. Eventually he became the mob boss of the Genovese family


Meyer Lansky


Frank Costello gained control of the Luciano family


Carlo Gambino began his mob career at age 19


Ciro Terranova – young


Ciro Terranova older


Vincent Gigante


John Gotti was a master mugshot subject. He’s a little outside of Old Spirituals’ timeframe but it wouldn’t be right to have a mafia mugshot post without including him.


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