A Modest Shop Girl in Los Angeles

If there is one thing Los Angeles is famous for, it’s the excessive modesty of its residents. Well… at least that may once have been the case! This 1908 photo from the Library of Congress comes with the following description: “Shop girl in Los Angeles modeling a so-called “sheath” gown wearing rubber boots to show excess of modesty.”

I feel compelled to point out that, despite the rubber boots, almost an inch of this woman’s arm is clearly visible just beneath her elbow and above her glove. Leave something to the imagination, lady!

3 thoughts on “A Modest Shop Girl in Los Angeles

  1. Do you want to even know how hot it is in LA all year round?! Granted without the pollution and extreme overcrowding it may have been pretty nice, but still, hovering around 72-80 degrees everyday of the year with all that on, people must have smelled to high heavens, but by God they were modest!

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