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  1. Learning to be content with what you have is the best gift you can give yourself and the most difficult to attain, especially with the constant media and advertising bombardment we receive daily.

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  2. I try to remember to count all my blessings. Sometimes I find myself worrying about things that won’t matter in time to come. It’s hard to train yourself to not be a worrier though.

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    • That is so true, it’s painful to think of how much time we waste doing that. We can plan but only need to worry about this day , right? Easier said than done!


  3. Look at those hands that have worked so hard for years. He could have even fought in the Civil War as a teenager. We all have so much! We forget what little most people have had at different times in our country. It’s a good reminder to be thankful. I won’t forget this picture.

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