Fascinating, Felicitous, and Forgotten: Pictures from the Crossroads of America

I came across the coolest set of photographs in Indiana’s historical archives! I already posted today but these are too great to keep to myself. Enjoy!

Primitivo Vela. Nov 30, 1919


Freeman Family on Paca Street, Ransom Place, Indianapolis circa 1910s


Louise and James Carpenter. July 4, 1908


Herman List Seated in a Bedroom. 1890s


This one is lovely and of the rare Smiling Victorian type:

Young Girl (unidentified) circa 1900


Apple Blossoms [woman and tree]. Circa 1900


A Young Woman Dressed in White Sits in Front of a Mirror. 1890s


Mike Harding on the Dome of the National Surgical Institute. 1890s


Country House in Autumn. circa 1900


Look how tall this corn is!!

David Jones with Corn in his Backyard circa 1910



10 thoughts on “Fascinating, Felicitous, and Forgotten: Pictures from the Crossroads of America

  1. Wow! Such great pics. Thanks for sharing. Loved the smiling girl…seldom see anyone smiling in that era’s pictures. She was a pretty young lady. That farmer definitely grew some tall corn! 🙂

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  2. I love these pictures. They so look like the 3rd Season of Fargo on FX! From the first to the last, this could be a line up of cast members from the mobs. Nevermind it’s supposed to be in Kansas City, MO, it’s close enough. The only part of the mobsters missing would be the Jewish ones. Love!

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