A Message to the Future

I recently discovered the British philosopher Lord Bertrand Russell. He lived for nearly a century, and made enormous contributions to the fields of mathematics and logic, linguistics and epistemology, AI and computer science, and cognitive science and metaphysics.

In 1959, Lord Russell gave an interview. The interviewer asked the then-87-year-old intellectual:  “Suppose, Lord Russell. this film were to be looked at by our descendants, like a Dead Sea scroll in a thousand years’ time. What would you think it’s worth telling that generation about the life you’ve lived and the lessons you’ve learned from it?”

His brief answer is profound. Rather than write it for you, you can listen to him yourself!

I’m curious what advice you would give, if you were asked the same question! Please note that if this is your first comment, it has to be approved before it will appear.

Also, the contest to win a signed copy of Grievous Deeds ends at midnight tonight!  Just follow these easy steps: 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I enter the drawing if I’m outside the United States? We can only ship books to U.S. addresses but you’re welcome to answer the questions!

Will my name and email be sold or visible to others? No, your email will only be used to notify you if you win the drawing.

How will I receive the book if I win? You’ll be notified by email if you win and asked for a U.S. mailing address. Winners’ copies go out in late March or early April.

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