Grievous Deeds Extra Feature: The Rest of Lillie Turner’s Story

Lillie Turner arrived in Chattanooga in April 1907 with her husband Ed and two friends for what was supposed to be a short sight-seeing trip.  She never came back. Her story is in Grievous Deeds.

But what isn’t in the book is this amazing tale, told to me by someone distantly connected to Lillie herself. I cut this story from the final version of the book because I could not verify it—but what a story it is!

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4 thoughts on “Grievous Deeds Extra Feature: The Rest of Lillie Turner’s Story

  1. I enjoyed hearing this background on Lillie Turner, and how people delt with death at the turn of the century. Women did not have many opportunities at that time, especially if their family was poor. My heart goes out to Lillie.

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    • I agree! She had a terribly hard life but, from what little we know of her, she was a very strong person. She seemed like someone who was very alive, if you know what I mean. Who knows what her life could have been, if it hadn’t been so cruelly and casually stolen from her!

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  2. Family folklore passed down through the generations is always interesting and food for thought. How sad to think her body was left outside. No matter what, she deserved more respect. Thank goodness it rained and they had to take her inside! What a sad life she lived.

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    • She did have a sad life. That detail about the rain has really stuck with me. It’s such a weird distinction. It’s all well and good to leave a casket in the yard–unless it’s raining, in which case it’s not decent.
      Makes you wonder what other meteorological events could have impacted their decision. Gusty winds? A derecho? Shooting star? 🙂


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