A big thank you to everyone who has read Cold Heart and left a review on Amazon, GoodReads, and BookBub! I can’t believe it but it’s an Amazon category best-seller! If you happen to be reading this on January 23, the Kindle eBook is on sale for 99¢ until midnight (PST)! https://bit.ly/ColdHeart2020 

I wish you all knew what a huge impact your positive ratings and reviews make, but let’s just say: the book could not have done so well without your support! Thank you again!

I joined the incomparable Erik Rivenes for an interview about Cold Heart: The Great Unsolved Mystery of Turn of the Century Buffalo on his podcast, Most Notorious!

Erik does long form interviews with historical true crime authors. I usually listen to podcasts for a few episodes and then switch to something else, but Most Notorious has been in my feed for years. If you haven’t listened to the Most Notorious podcast and you love true crime and/or American history, you are going to love it!

Most Notorious interview: The Mysterious 1903 Murder of Ed Burdick 


You can also check out Erik’s website https://www.mostnotorious.com/