A Few More Favorites from Arnold Genthe

The Library of Congress had a few more really good Arnold Genthe photographs I’d like to share.

The first two are from San Francisco, around the time of the great earthquake.

Genthe’s photograph of San Francisco, after the great earthquake entitled Steps that Lead to Nowhere (After the Fire)


Genthe’s San Francisco studio (unclear if this is before the great earthquake, or when he rebuilt afterward)


Genthe also photographed famous people. I like this one of the dancer Anna Pavlova and the next of Theodore Roosevelt, near the end of his life.

Anna Pavlova dancing


Theodore Roosevelt in 1916


The last photograph is of the artist himself. This is Arnold Genthe, at Long Beach, New York – and dressed to the 9s! He looks very spiffy!

Arnold Genthe in Long Beach, New York, 1911