Has it Come to This? Kindle eBook on sale in September

The Kindle version of my third book, Has it Come to This?is on sale on Amazon. Throughout the month of September, the eBook is 50% off and you can pick up a copy for just $2.49!

Has it Come to This? is a true story and an unsolved mystery. I give my opinion at the end of the book but a lot of people have told me they’ve reached different conclusions. Frank is an interesting case. We can’t know how his life would have turned out had he not been murdered because he seemed to be in the beginning stages of a massive personal change. Once you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear what you think on the discussion page! And always I appreciate your positive reviews on Amazon and Good Reads. I always say it because it’s true: they make a huge difference!

Somebody got away with murder on Christmas Eve of 1900 in Savannah, Missouri. Frank Richardson, a wealthy merchant who had repented of his wayward past and was determined to make the most of the second chance he was given, was shot dead in his home. His killer had vanished, but investigators were determined to find and punish the murderer. The evidence they discovered exposed Frank’s secret life to the world and scandalized the residents of Savannah. Of all the clues they found, none was more fascinating than Frank’s enigmatic last words, uttered the moment before he was shot: “Has it come to this?” Suspicion fell at once on Frank’s former paramour, Goldie Whitehead; his charming wife, Addie; and Stewart Fife, the suave young clerk of whom he was known to be insanely jealous. All the clues and evidence in this unsolved true crime are assembled here for readers to unravel the truth behind who killed Frank Richardson.