Joyeux Halloween

At the turn of the century, the French artist Albert Matignon (1860-1937) became fascinated with opium. Matignon became somewhat well-known after painting Morphine in 1905. He was one of only a few artists who were bold enough to delve into drug and alcohol-related themes. By 1911, he had seen the seedier side of opiates. That year […]

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Evelyn Nesbit

Evelyn Nesbit’s Broken Wings

This is Part III of Evelyn Nesbit’s story. (Read Part I and Part II.) Evelyn Nesbit married Harry Kendall Thaw at age 20, 18 months after she accused him of beating and raping her, while holding her prisoner for weeks in an Austrian castle. At 17, Evelyn underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis. That was the official […]

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