Our Second Winner has been Chosen!

Congratulations to Michael, who won the second drawing! I’ll be sending him a signed copy of the new book as soon as I receive them.

A big thank you to Black Rose Writing for sponsoring our drawings and especially to everyone who participated! The questions were: What topics do you like to read about? and How do you find new books?

I loved reading these answers. Seeing little snapshots of what people like is really cool.

Most people have a few general areas they like to read about. There are some general themes. I wasn’t too surprised to see that many of us share an interest in true crime and history! There were several people who like to read about a specific people or time period, like the Civil War or ancient Egypt. Some people like a very specific type of stories, like 1950’s Chicago or a secret baby, and some were more broad like African American stories or travel.

But you know what was especially interesting? Quite a few people wrote they’re open to any genre or topic–from business to romance to military operations. Here’s one answer I thought expressed it very finely: Settings or occupations I know nothing about. Want to be entertained and exposed to new ideas. People who are curious about the world are always fascinating creatures.

I definitely stick with my regular topics most of the time. Every once in a blue moon I venture into something new. Last week I listened to the Great Courses audio series on the Egyptian pharaohs. I never had much interest in this era but the series is wonderful! I can definitely see why people become so entranced by ancient Egypt.

Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt


Thank you again for participating and if you haven’t won, don’t give up! You’ve still got three chances to win your own copy.

Stay tuned for the next drawing in early December!