The Original Lonely Hearts: Turn-of-the-Century Personal Ads

Finding love has never been easy. As early as the 1890s, people were using the papers’ classified section to place matrimonial ads, which were essentially want ads for a spouse. The first ad I came across is from 1909. This fellow seems heartfelt, if not grammatically inclined. This 1905 Babu Matrimonial Advertisement introduces us to […]

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Remarkable Photographs of Black Americans from the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris

The Library of Congress has a collection of photographs, arranged by W.E.B. Du Bois, especially for Paris’ Exposition Universelle. The collection depicts the “history and present conditions” (circa 1900) of black Americans. It’s a curious collection because nothing overt ties the photos together, except that everyone pictured is black and American. There are over 500 photographs of […]

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Murder victim nell cropsey

The Mystery of Nell Cropsey, Part II

This is the conclusion of a 2-part post about Nell Cropsey. To read Part I, click here!  November 21, 1901. A search for Nell was launched the morning after she disappeared. Initially, the town speculated that Nell and Jim had eloped, but this theory was quickly disproven when the police interviewed the young man at his parents’ […]

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