Old Spirituals First Recommendation: Raise the Dead podcast

This is a first, everybody. There’s never, ever been a recommendation on Old Spirituals to do anything before (generally, we don’t believe in doing things), but this is a momentous occasion that calls for an exception.

Here it is: You need to check out the new Raise the Dead podcast from Justin Robert Young. It is a historical series about the 1960 election between JFK and Nixon, and all the lessons we didn’t learn from it. I just listened to it tonight and I was blown away by how good it is. Justin has done a ton of deep historical research and he has a gift for bringing these old topics to life.

The first episode of Raise the Dead will be in the feed for Justin’s Politics Politics Politics podcast  Tuesday, November 26. You can also check out his YouTube channel. You’ll love it- whether you love or hate politics, you’ll love Raise the Dead. And, if you like (or even have an unhealthy love of) politics, the Politics Politics Politics podcast is not to be missed.



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