Hello Old Spirituals readers!

I’ve missed writing and reading your comments, but I’ve been spending all my time on Book #3. I’ll share a little update about Book 3, some news about The Poisoned Glass, and Cold Heart, but first I want to ask you a question to identify the type of post you’d like to read next on Old Spirituals:

Book 3 update: This has been, by far, the hardest to write of the three. I think this is mostly because I’ve written it at home, where it’s so easy to be distracted. With my other two books, I would go to cafes to write and get a lot done in a short amount of time. But the world shut down for the pandemic–and California is still shut down–so I’ve been writing at home!

The other reason this book has been such a challenge is because some crucial information has been hard (and in some cases impossible) to find. Thank God for the people who have helped me at the museums, historical societies, and archives! I would be sunk without them.

And my beta readers. I sincerely believe none of my books would be very good if it weren’t for my beta readers and their feedback. They transformed both of my earlier books into something good! I’m hoping to send this manuscript to them by the end of this week. (Fingers crossed!) The new book will be out in March 2022, and I’ll be announcing the title and a synopsis later this summer.

The Poisoned Glass update: I will be leading a live, virtual presentation about the Poisoned Glass for Somerset Library in New Jersey in October. It’s free to attend and participate online, and you don’t need to be a member of the library. Sign up here  The link to register is directly under the image of the book, on the left. I hope you can be there!

Cold Heart update: I’ve heard from some of you who are audiobook readers and have been awaiting the arrival of the Cold Heart audiobook, and I have good news! The audiobook was released today! It’s available on Audible and Audiobooks.com 

Do you know of any good, mostly forgotten historical true crimes you’d like to suggest? Reach out to me at Kimberly@OldSpirituals.com  

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