The Bludgeoning of Ed Burdick (Crimes of the Centuries podcast)

I really enjoyed talking with Amber Hunt, the host of  Crimes of Centuries podcast about Ed Burdick’s 1903 murder. If you haven’t heard Amber’s podcast, she does a terrific job covering older cases that have been lost to time! Episode link

I’m doing a virtual talk about the case tomorrow Tuesday, February 8, at 6 p.m. PST (7 p.m. MST / 8 p.m. CST / 9 p.m. EST). It’ll be fun, whether you’ve read the book or not, and it’s free and open to everyone. Just sign up with your email to get the Zoom link. Hope to see you there!


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  1. This was so much fun! I hope that you will do a kick-off for your new book, “Has It Come to This?!” so that we can dive deep into the research and get all excited about it. I have preordered and cannot wait for the new book.

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