2 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Magical Tonight

  1. This is an unusual photo indeed of I.Duncan. You will usually see her early work, maybe a movie clip of her dancing and always, ALWAYS with the long flowing scarf. I’m glad Kimberly found another with a different perspective!

    I.Duncan has her own street named after her in SF for good reason. She is credited with the birth of modern dance — yup that Modern Dance we still see as “Modern” today, from over 100 years ago. She had a Bohemian, early attitude towards dance that changed the restrictive modes of traditional ballet and other forms of expression. Of course, this was en vogue at the time and was happening all over the World: women’s suffrage, independence and other forms of expression were being allowed probably for the first time. Her form of dance is probably long forgotten by almost all except us avid dancers with the historical perspective to reflect upon.

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