Unusual Art Nouveau Ephemera

When I think of Art Nouveau, I think of Alphonse Mucha and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. However, they were certainly not the only artists who excelled in this delicate and intricate style.

Ironically, much of the Art Nouveau that survives was never meant to last. It was popular in ephemera–magazines, posters, and calendars.

Let’s take a look at some examples from lesser-known artists:

Cycles Brilliant 1900 France Vintage Poster (Archive.org)


Harper’s Bazar August 1902 (Archive.org)

Ladies’ World 1905-09 (Archive.org)


I’m curious about this book. Has anyone read it?

stories of strange women 1906 book cover JYF Cooke (Archive.org)


This is a really beautiful cover. It looks like the Paris metropolitan

Sunset Magazine Dec 1902 (Archive.org)


Poster by Will Bradley 1868-1962 (LOC)


And finally an unusually dark topic…

La Reforme Privat Antoine Théodore Livemont – Art nouveau poster showing anarchist murdering woman with hatchet. (LOC)


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