A Love Letter from Harry

I found this beautiful letter from Harry Truman to his wife, Bess, written while he was away, serving with the Officers Reserve Corps in Fort Riley, Kansas in 1925.

A young Harry Truman


There are a few words I wasn’t able to make out, but I transcribed it as well as I could at the end of this post. Harry’s nickname for his wife Bess was “the Boss” and he wrote very romantic letters to her! This particular letter was written in 1925 around the time Harry was promoted to a lieutenant colonel in 1925.


Monday, July 13, 1925.

My dear ___ + baby,

This day is fine weather, dinner, and everything— I got a good letter. A real sweetheart letter. I like them that way. It is fine the baby’s eyes are getting well. Do you know where she got them? The shirts came and I am very glad to get them. They’ll be fine this evening after supper.

We went to the firing point this morning at 7:30 started on time and found fourteen problems. I have seven lts. in my section to watch but they are all good and give me very little trouble.

Don’t you worry about your pretty hair anymore. Go and cut it off and please yourself. As I said ___ you’ll be just as beautiful to me if you have those curls I’ll never forget, or if you have none at all. It’s you I’m in love with not what you’re made of.

I hope it’s cooler there than it is here although it isn’t too hot to stand. The gang is falling and I’ll have to fall in.

Yours, Harry

Kiss the baby.

Harry and Bess Truman on their wedding day, June 28, 1919

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