A Strange and Lovely Opportunity

I was recently interviewed by the Savannah Reporter, a weekly newspaper based in Savannah, Missouri, for my latest book, Has it Come to This?

I had a great chat with Ken Rosenauer, the publisher of the newspaper, about Savannah; researching nonfiction books; Kathy Ridge, the fantastic lead genealogist at the Andrew County Museum, whose help in getting court records was so important for the research; and Pivot Discovery, the coaching business I cofounded with Alexandra Balestrieri.

So why was this a strange and lovely opportunity?

The Savannah Reporter logo


As I researched Frank Richardson, his life, and his murder, one of the resources that was the most valuable to me was the Savannah Reporter, the local newspaper of the town where this mysterious took place. It is truly surreal to see an article about Has it Come to This? in the very same newspaper–122 years later!

The article is behind a pay wall, but Mr. Rosenauer generously provided a free copy to share for Old Spirituals, if you’d care to take a look.

You can also check out the modern website for the Savannah Reporter here: https://savrep.com.

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