We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Jenny K., winner of the first drawing for a signed copy of Grievous Deeds!

If you signed up and didn’t win, don’t worry. You’ve still got four more chances! Our next drawing will be the same format but different questions. If you aren’t subscribed to the site, be sure to subscribe to receive notifications so you don’t miss anything!

We received 93 entries! To make sure it’s all fair, I’m using a site called pickerwheel.com to choose the winner. You enter a number range (in this case 1 – 93), and click Spin. The site picks a winning number at random.



Regarding the results of this drawing, you all gave really thoughtful feedback and it’s very helpful! I agreed with most of what you said, and several people brought up points I’d never even considered, like the weight of the book. Some people had preferences about the main color of the cover: black, red, gray, or purple were the colors most often mentioned. And the majority said they like dramatic, emotion-evoking titles and vivid colors in the cover. There was one unexpected area of controversy, which was title length! An equal number of people noted they love, or really dislike, one-word titles. Who knew? Thank you again, I always love hearing what you like!

I’m working on the questions for Drawing 2 and should have the next contest ready to go very soon.

🎊 Huge thank you to Black Rose Writing for sponsoring the drawing and big congratulations to Jenny K.! 🎊

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