Grievous Deeds is Officially Released!

Today is the big day: Grievous Deeds is officially out!  I’ve posted a lot about this story over the past few months. It covers a lot of topics that I haven’t written about prior to this, like racial issues, mental illness, and the media’s role in creating the environment and influencing how people perceive events and their neighbors.

If you like the book, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a 5-star rating and review on Amazon , Good Reads, and/or BookBub.  These early reviews mean a lot in terms of helping the book get some momentum. There’s also a Grievous Deeds discussion page on this site where you can swap opinions and theories and interact with me and other readers about the story.

Once the book has been out a while, I’ll post some additional related stories I learned about as I was researching these events. I cut them from the book because they weren’t essential to the main plot but wow, are they interesting!

Lastly, I’m so proud to show you the updated cover which contains a blurb from the great cold case detective, Kenneth Mains!

2 thoughts on “Grievous Deeds is Officially Released!

  1. I follow you on Amazon so when I got home a few minutes ago, I noticed an email saying it was out. And BLAM-O, I bought it for my Kindle. You always write such a good story and they are so well researched. I look forward to reading it! Congratulations!

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