A Ghostly Photograph of Rasputin, the Mad Monk, is Unearthed

In 2018, the Siberian Times printed a “new” photograph of Rasputin that was displayed at the Yaroslavsky Museum of History and Culture of People of the North, Yakutsk.

Grigori Rasputin–the mad monk, the lecherous priest, the grimy confidant of the Romanov Empress Alexandra who was alone able to preserve the life of the tsarevich Alexei–is one of the most controversial and mysterious people of the past 150 years. If you’re interested, Old Spirituals has a lot of information about Rasputin and the Romanovs.

Is it real? The general features appear to match. Based on the light eyes and intense stare, I would lean toward believing it is genuine. Citing Alexey Ivanov, collector and expert in Yakutia, the picture is thought to be genuine. According to Ivanov, it was between 1880-1900, when the young mystic was in his early 20s.

One of Rasputin’s earliest photos?


For comparison:

Authenticated image of Rasputin


Link to original article in the Siberian Times.

Note: the last photo in the article which shows Rasputin in a formal photo with the Romanovs was photoshopped.